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Why Young Living Diffusers Outshines the Competition

Essential oil diffusers are very important devices that enable us to enjoy the benefits of different essential oils in full. This is because they normally aid in ensuring even distribution of the essential oil’s fragrance throughout your environment, hence calming your body as well as senses.

However, with so many essential oil diffusers on the market, finding the best one for your space can be an uphill task. Being suppliers of some of the best diffusers, below are some of the reasons why young living diffusers outshines the competition:

1. Operation Time

Young Diffuser TypesMost diffusers usually come with varying operation times. However, each Young Living diffuser is uniquely designed to enable you to control the diffusion or operation time, hence enabling you to save you precious essential oils.

Note that basic diffusers usually have a fixed operation time, which may be up to five hours and USB diffusers are able to run continuously for up to 20 hours while diffusing at differing intervals such as 60, 30 or 10 seconds.

2. Size and Portability

The size and dimensions of your diffuser is another very important feature you should consider when looking for a diffuser that can provide you with the mobility and functionality you always want. Luckily, Young Living have compact and portable diffusers which you can easily move from one room to another or to your car.

Their travel fan diffusers can be tossed into the suitcase alongside your bottle or essential oil. This just means that you can carry such a diffuser on your flight and ultimately into your hotel room so as to create your personal oasis anywhere you go.

3. Quiet Operation

Most diffusers with large fans tend to be noise. However, if you are a looking for a diffuser, you will most likely prefer a silent unit that will not interfere with your tranquillity and inner peace. And that is what Young Living have specialized in.

They have uniquely diffusers that let out a very silent ham during their operation. They can offer you high performance yet silent diffusers with noise levels not exceeding 23 decibels.

4. Compatibility with Accessories

To enhance the user experience, most of the Young Living diffuser are designed to be compatible with a wide range of accessories, some of which are optional.

These include; air vent accessories, glass covers, remote control, splash control, LED lights (in multiple colors), ambient light, power adaptors, playback music, timed shut-off, atomizer tops, refill cartridges, and replacement wicks.

Whether you own a professional spa facility or you just want to enhance your yoga practice experience, the Young Living diffusers can be customized to your exact needs.


Other aspects that make the Young Living diffusers to outshine the completion is because they are lightweight, come with different reservoir sizes, have different coverage area capabilities and always come at budget friendly prices. They are also relatively easier to operate and maintain and are built to last.

If you are shopping around for the best essential oil diffuser for your home, spa or commercial space Young Living should be your first stop, as their products have been designed for optimal performance, convenience and durability.

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